Fear not, Internet, I'm not dead. I just haven't blogged in over a month because life is too much. I don't even feel like human-ing anymore. Would love to just dog -- take long naps and wait for treats. But besides that, nothing too interesting with my life. Started my new job and super happy about it. Had one embarrassing moment recently though...

Once in a while, I somehow manage to choke on my own saliva. The other day, I was minding my own business at work, reading some code I didn’t understand, when suddenly I managed to suck saliva into my trachea. I don’t know why my epiglottis failed me then. I have always been told our body doesn’t allow us to swallow while breathing, yet it did exactly that.

Then I tried to quietly choke to death in my little corner, hoping the one coworker in the same room as me had his headphones on. Yes, I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even want to look over to verify whether he had headphones on. As I was grasping for air while trying to cough out the liquid, I hear my coworker say to me, “Coding too hard?” And of course, I tried to reply, knowing I couldn’t. So I made some sort of Voldemort/humming sound, then managed to say “What?” because I wasn’t able to process what he had said. He said it again and I repeated it to confirm he said what I heard, all while involuntarily crying and trying to breathe. Note to self: Don't try to say anything while almost-dying.

Then I continued to choke to death in my corner. The end. Definitely one of the lowest points of my life.

Found my newest favorite ramen place — Hanabi Ramen in Burlingame. They have this amazing jalapeño ramen that I’m obsessed with. And I love that they put fried onions on (almost?) every ramen.

You know that feeling of emptiness that you just can't explain at all? That's how I'm feeling. No, nothing bad has happened. If anything, only good things have been happening. But maybe that's the problem.