Oh em gee, the year is almost over! This photo of an unripe lemon (it's not a lime) has nothing to do with anything.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My contribution was loaded mashed potatoes because that’s quite possibly the easiest dish to make and I don’t think anyone (or myself) would trust me to make anything else.

It has been super cold lately, which is no bueno for me (I have cold urticaria, which basically means I'm allergic to cold). I've been breaking out in hives during my commute to work, and sometimes even in the office. I actually have an electric blanket at work to kind of keep my allergies under control, but sometimes the AC is on really high in the office and there's nothing I can do.

Pretty sure life hates me right now. Throat is super sore and I don’t even want to have to talk because it hurts to talk…or breathe…I may need to stop breathing too. And somehow I got two mosquito bites on my face while walking Twinkie last night. What are mosquitoes doing in the fall??? Go away! Come back in the summer, if you must.

Guys! It’s November! It’s fall! Look at the leaves! They’re red and yellow. =]